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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 20, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and there is no sign it is letting up. our lead investigative reporter joins us live at city hall. >> at the mayor repeated her demand a former to apologize for the allegations. the response was no way. >> for the second week in a row, the city comptroller use the board of estimates meeting to accused the mayor of mismanaging the city's attempt to install a new phone system. she says the mayor's office is trying to take over the project and it is costing taxpayers in the process. >> why are they spending $200,000 a month? >> she produced papers with outside consultants and said the city has spent more than the car project calls for. >> as of july, 2011, approximately $9 million. these are contractual personnel. >> she repeated her argument that they spent six under
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$50,000 on earphones and equipment, including a conference in tones without going to the bidding process. >> i want the public to know the administration is violating the procurement process and it speaks to the lack of integrity of what the administration is doing. >> the mayor denied anything wrong with the purchases that have been made and repeated her demand for pratt to apologize. >> i am deeply disappointed with the allegations and that look forward to receiving a -- receiving an apology. >> this call while pratt was sitting just a few feet away. >> have you asked for an apology, she is sitting right there. >> is this for show? is this reality tv? >> any other questions of substance? >> that was the mayor's assistant responding.
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>> why should i apologize to the mayor what i'm doing the job and i have been doing -- i've been duly elected to do. i have a responsibility and share the responsibility to inform the taxpayers of how their money is being spent. i -- why would i apologize? >> involved in the purchase of the telephone equipment is the agency had hired by rico's singleton who had to resign earlier this year as the mayor's director of information technology after alleged ethical violations concerning his dealings with a software company while he worked for a state agency in new york. >> of breaking news tonight out of annapolis. a work group dedicated to gambling extension has failed to reach a consensus. in that means there will be no
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special session on the issue. a casino will not be recommended for prince george's county. they had been looking at whether they would authorize a blackjack casinos. on the subject of gambling, the lodge and resort near cumberland will be turned into a casino. the maryland board of public works approved a deal with an operator. they have purchased the property on a condition that they operate up to 1000 slot machines. this is one of the five approved state casinos insights. >> now to a story we first broke on tuesday -- a 15-world boy in critical condition after being shot in marysville discovered by a nearby resident last night. and let's get more details on
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the investigation and the boy's condition. >> he is in critical but stable condition tonight. police do not have much information to go on except they're looking for multiple suspects. around 7:00 on tuesday evening, and was walking down his driveway to get mail when he found a 15-old boy suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. >> i thought it was just mud but a comes to find out it was blood on a wife beater that was not white anymore. i asked if you shot and he rolled his eyes back and kind of nodded and i called 911. >> he was airlifted to shock trauma. the boy was found about a quarter mile down the driveway on hold as frederick road. the teenager is from baltimore county. >> at this point, we believe the boy was driven to that location
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from baltimore county and that he was taken out of the car and shot in the field. we do not have a motive but we believe he was involved in an ongoing dispute that we are looking at the possibility that may have led to the shooting. >> neighbors heard the commotion and were surprised to learn what happened in this usually quiet and peaceful area. >> you can hear the frogs and the birds. you don't hear -- we get gunshots but it is people hunting deer or shooting at cans or whatever. >> it is pretty crazy. it is not something that you would expect to have around here. >> the man who found the teenager is reeling from a shock and hopes the boy recovers and the catch whoever did this. he realizes that he likely saved the boy's life. >> if i did not happen to be walking to get the mail, he may
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still be laying there. >> police are offering a $2,000 reward for information. if you have any, contact howard county police. >> and thank you. an update now on the murder case of phylicia barnes who vanished in december of 2010 and was found dead months later. the man accused in the murder pleaded not guilty. he was charged in murder in the asphyxiation death of barnes. prosecutors say he killed her in at the half sister's apartment and used a 35 gallon drum to move the body. >> there is absolutely no physical evidence that corroborates that.
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the bone was intact and there was no indication of trauma or injury to the physical person. therefore, it was a rule out circumstance that would have been more appropriate to be undetermined. >> the trial date is set for august 13. some breaking news right now out of north baltimore -- reports of a carbon monoxide incident. let's head out to capt. roy taylor in sky team 11. >> this is the 700 block of a true at lake park drive at a senior assisted living facilities where they have alarms going off for carbon monoxide. the baltimore city fire department is on the scene and they're trying to verify where this is coming from. they are in the process of trying to contact maintenance to tear this down. we're still trying to see what is going on as we get more
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information, we will update you. >> a baltimore securities company is being taken to task by a number of current and former employees to say enough is enough. >> employees say their paychecks continue to bounce and that makes their financial lives very difficult. >> 11 news received more than a dozen complaints from angry employees from this company here in baltimore city claiming their checks had bounced. some say they have not been paid in over a month. >> we have problems cashing our checks. >> for employees who work for or have worked for this company in baltimore, getting paid for their hard work has been a great challenge and they say it has reached a boiling point. >> you are ruining people's lives. people can't pay rent or take care of their kids. i am a single parent. i cannot afford to keep on
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getting bounced checks. >> she worked for the company and said they had a pattern of unpredictable payments. some employee checks would clear and others would see their checks bounce at the same time. some were paid within days of bouncing. some within a month and for some not at all. >> i could not even pay my rent. i'm crying to this man and telling him all the things i am going through and nothing has been done. >> she says one bounced check coster bank to charge her more than $900 in fees and she's got no help from her employer thus far. we tried in person and by phone to reach the owner of the company but we were told no comment. we tried to speak to a person wearing a uniform wearing the build -- in entering the building and he said the same thing.
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>> if you work and you do not get paid for the work you have done, that is wage death. >> the secretary of the department of labor of licensing and says unfortunately this practice is all too common. he confirmed the company has at least one complaint on the company and the documents reveal an unsatisfied lead from the state for more than $53,000. he pointed out that there may be hope for these employees -- the company's troubles can be proven. >> the commissioner here has the ability to issue a final order of wage payments in the circuit court of jurisdiction. so we will collect for these folks. >> it is unclear how the labor department will handle this case but they say anyone they feel wronged by this company should contact them and immediately. we have some help on our web site.
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>> still much more ahead. >> after setting a record for struggled on the basketball court, the men's basketball team suffers a setback that will lead to a lonely march. >> into the final hour of spring but it feels like
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>> the first full day of summer has not yet officially begun, but temperatures in the '90s and
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feeling like 100 plus degrees. the heat will continue into tomorrow. we've got more on now folks have been dealing with the sweltering heat. >> the son is like a steam bath out here. the temperature was 97 where we are and is cooling off a little bit, down to 96. dropped one degree. >> the mayor was at one of the city's cooling centers today to remind citizens that the heat can kill. >> you have heard the story that it is preventable. only they had hydrated themselves. if only they listened to their body they would not have passed. we can avoid it. >> with the index of over 100 degrees, working as i was miserable. we haven't had a heat like this since last summer. >> it feels like 100 degrees to
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me. maybe 120 degrees. it's too hot for me. >> if you are outside working were just taking a walk, people are taking precautions. >> this is himalayan peak at sea salt. when you sweat, you lose sodium. when you sweat, you lose sodium, so this is what i drink. >> meteorologist say this severe weather will be around but for a couple of days. >> the technical definition is three days, so we are not going to reach that. we're expecting at least two days this weekend and drop-off friday into the weekend. >> there are 11 cooling centers in the city of baltimore pyrrhic -- . >> in the state of maryland, we
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can get some natural air- conditioning on the shore of the day or on the boardwalk in ocean city. a live picture from our camera down that way and you can see the beautiful beach with the boardwalk busy just a few seconds ago but everyone has cleared out. maybe they knew we were coming that way with the camera. 15 degrees cooler on the beach that is on -- and it is in baltimore at this hour. triple digit heat today at the inner harbor -- that no longer the official measuring statement for -- station for climate purposes, but it is where a lot of folks go during the day. 98 degrees was the official high for our region and the regional record for the day was 100 degrees set in 1931. at the airport, we were officially to decrees under the record. 77 at the inner harbor. maybe tough to get below 80 degrees in downtown baltimore.
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no precipitation in the area today and not much of that until maybe tomorrow or friday. how many 90 degree-days have we had? last year we had eight. so far this year we have had six, and that is normal. we are on pace for a normal start to spring going into summer. it was hot today but about what you would expect as we inch into summer in the mid-atlantic region. some thunderstorms to the southwest but a strong high- pressure squashing development around here. it is going to stay warm through the night. 100 near downtown baltimore. nineties in cecil county throughout the eastern shore. you see the cooling effect at ocean city and 86 degrees. only 81 in oakland. that is a comfortable spot. when you factor in high temperatures and the moisture in the atmosphere, it feels like
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104 degrees. a heat advisory going through 10:00 tonight and it will take a long time to cool off. it will be hot again tomorrow. a light wind and sun set at 8:36. the summer solstice officially as 7:09 this evening. a cold front crossing -- a cold front cutting across minneapolis. seventies in denver. 94 in chicago. we have one more day in the middle of this hot air mass before it cools off a little bit. 95 degrees to 100 degrees over the weekend. only a minimal chance of a thunderstorm. waves averaging about 1 foot. 85 in the mountains and showers on friday. the eastern shore will be buggy tamara with temperatures in the '90s. scattered thunderstorms begin to cool things off on friday and a sunny day tomorrow. storms on friday and temperatures back down into the eighties over the weekend.
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feeling like below 192 on friday. highs back to normal in the mid- 80s. >> the orioles have the third most home runs and the 11th most scores an old series. you would not know that from their trip to new york, trying to snap 21 at st. innings of not scoring any runs. the orioles have yet to hit a home run in their first five games of the road trip. the mets suddenly started to do it rather easily against the orioles. the orioles have played in four straight games that ended with a shutout. they shut out atlanta on saturday and sunday and then got shut out on monday and tuesday. tonight's orioles starter was -- may have to provide the support
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himself. this and i get -- he has not shut out any opponent senses start this season. a chance to gain some ground against the yankees tonight. the yankees honored shepherd jones. the braves sailing to a 6-1 advantage. on to the eighth -- pitching for the yankees -- a home run and atlanta and beat the yankees leading the yankees' two games out of first going into tonight's game. the men's basketball team set the division 1 record for most consecutive losses. this year, the tigers hope to have a lower national profile. unfortunately that includes the postseason. the n.c.a.a. has declared them ineligible to participate in the n.c.a.a. post-season tournament due to failure to meet minimum
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academic standards. the academic performance rate that measures the team's academic performance and graduation rates dropped below acceptable standards in 2007 through 2011. the last four seasons under the former head coach. the decision was appealed this past season. the n.c.a.a. denied the appeal. not since jimmy johnson beat the sooners in the '80s have a team from south florida had so much on the line against a team from oklahoma. the heat needs only one more win to clinch the nba title. coming up clutch -- that puts the heat up by three. the closing minutes and then in the final minutes -- a foul and it is both free throws. the win for the heat and pushes
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james within one win of his first nba championship ring as he leads the best of seven series three games to one. on the topic of heat, we've got
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>> here is what we are working on for 11 its died -- police believe someone is targeting our most vulnerable citizens.
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a warning for seniors involving property taxes and an update on where gambling stance and a where gambling stance and a special session will not be
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>> a heat advisory until 10:00 tonight. gradually cooling off as we head into the weekend. >> thank you for joining us. nbc nightly news with brian williams is next.
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